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We have a fleet of superb hardtail mountain bike and touring eBikes from Cube, Haibike, Forme and Lapierre.

Hardtail Mountain eBikes

Gorgeous bikes that are great on the road or bridleway. Feature powerful mid drive motors and large capacity batteries. We've got Cube Acid, Cube Reaction Performance, Haibike HardSeven 5 and Forme Curbar HTE Pro available to rent.

Touring eBikes

The ultimate in comfort and practicality. Comfortable upright riding position, mudguards, built in lights and the same powerful mid-drive motoes and large capacity batteries as on our hardtail mountain bikes. We've got Cube Touring Pro and Forme Peak Trail 2E available to rent in step through and traditional frames.

Road eBikes

For fitness and cycling enthusiasts, there are lightweight road bikes with low handlebars and narrow road tyres. They ride just as well as a normal road bike without assistance, but benefit from a light weight rear hub drive motor for a bit of extra push up steep hills and into headwinds.

Regular Bikes

Don't say we didn't warn you about the hills! If you are keen however, we can provide regular hardtail mountain bikes, road bikes and kids bikes. Call us on 07536 171 214 or email to enquire.

Just Pedal

Riding our ebikes is exactly the same as riding a normal bike. Nothing complicated, just pedal.

25% Inclines

Get up the toughest hills without breaking a sweat. Our mid-drive motors have plenty of torque, enough to get you up the mighty Porthmeor Hill with minimal effort.

50km - 80km Range

Our Bosch batteries can last you from 35-50 miles depending on use - that is enough to get from St Ives to Lands End and back.

Clean & Ready To Go

All our bikes and equipment are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and inspected after every use.

Gold Rated Locks

We supply gold rated locks so you can lock up and relax whilst you stop for a tea and cake.

Helmets Included

We include a (disinfected) helmet and puncture repair kit with all bike rentals.

How To Book

Quick & easy online booking. Just select your prefered bike and size.


Pick up your bikes from our shop in St Ives, or we can offer delivery for £10 each way to Penzance / Hayle / St Ives areas.