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About Us

St Ives eBikes is founded and run by St Ives resident, Ben Colclough. Ben also runs an adventure travel business, Tourdust, and the Coronavirus crisis was the kick up the backside that he needed to get St Ives eBikes off the ground. Ben first tried eBikes in the Namibian Desert, and having laboured up Porthmeor Hill on a traditional bike one too many times, knew immediately that eBikes would transform cycling around St Ives and Western Cornwall. If they are good enough for Namibia they are good enough for St Ives!

If it weren't for the hills, St Ives would be a cyclist's paradise; cruising through town on a quiet winter's day, heading West up on the Coast road to Zennor and exploring the hidden lanes around Nancledra are all a real treat. And with the electric assistance taking away all the pain of the hills, eBikes transform St Ives into a fabulous location for a day on two wheels.

Our eBikes also serve a practical function. We live on the edge of St Ives and our eBikes are perfect for quick journeys into town and to the beach. We will be lobbying hard for cycle lanes and more bike parking in and around town, reducing congestion, parking issues and road traffic polution in St Ives for locals and tourists alike.