St Ives Bike Hire For Families | St Ives eBikes


We have all the bases covered for a great family day out. We have eBikes for teenagers 14 and over, regular bikes for inbetweeners and for younger children we have cargo eBikes, child seats and tag-a-longs available.

Children Under 6


Recommended Age: 1-6

Recommended Max Weight: 22kg

Our child seats are securely attached to the rear pannier rack on our touring bikes and with our electric bikes powered by Bosch, you won't even notice the additional weight as you fly up the steepest of hills. Child Seats are free with any adult eBike rental.


Recommended Age: 1-8 as passenger

The minivan on wheels, this will take 2 kids in comfort with the best view in the house and with the top of the range Bosch Cargo motor, it will climb hills with surprising ease.

Children 6 - 13


Recommended Age: 5-10

Recommended Max Weight: 38kg

Our tag-a-longs go on our hybrid style eBikes. The child sits on the bike and can help you peddle. As it can take a little while to work as a team on balance we do recommend this option for confident adult riders only. Tag-a-longs are free with any adult eBike rental.


Recommended Age: 8-13

We have regular bikes available to rent for families. St Ives is a hilly area, but if you are confident cyclists, our regular bikes can be a great way to get around town and we recommend our Hayle Easy Rider route for a nice ride out, or if you want a longer ride, cycle coast to coast from St Ives on the North Coast to St Michael's Mount on the South Coast. Please note, although we have carefully selected routes to avoid the worst hills and busier sections of road, there are still hills and you will be cycling on roads, so we recommend this for strong and confident cyclists only.


Recommended Age: 6-13 (as passenger)

The Tern GSD is a cult in its own right. A classic engineering masterpiece that does everything. Carry 1 or 2 small kids on the comfortable back seat, we have even had adults on the back seat riding all the way to Cape Cornwall and back!

Children 14 and over


Recommended age: 14 and over

Although a younger rider could comfortably ride our electric bikes, contrary to most European countries, the UK law currently requires a minimum age of 14 :( But the good news is, if your kids are old enough, we offer family discounts on our eBike rentals. Email ( to book.